Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pergola Reignites The Passion!

The passion is gone. What was once new and exciting, is now routine and uninspired. It used to be that you couldn’t wait to get home from work and lose yourself by giving hours of your undivided attention and time. Now, it’s just something you do on weekends once in a while and even that has grown tired and stale. Yes, you are falling out of love…with your back yard?

What happened? You used to have such big plans for your backyard sanctuary. But now it’s just a place where the grill is kept, or a place to occasionally spend time with guests when you don’t necessarily want them inside the house. What about spending real quality time outside? Having a special place of comfort and style to retreat to from the grind of the day? A place which is just right for entertaining guests, or is the perfect romantic retreat for just the two of you. A beautiful custom pergola, or outdoor living room, can reignite your love affair with your yard by adding classic style and providing you an incredibly inviting focal point of interest.

Imagine a place to really relax during the day, where you are out of direct sunlight but still in the open air. A pergola gives you beautiful dappled light, but still allows heat to escape up and away from you while letting a natural flow of cooler air to enter from below.

At night time there is nothing so beautiful and intimate as a pergola accentuated with climbing vines and subtly illuminated by soft lighting hidden within the rafters. You can even comfortably enjoy it in the depths of summer by installing any number of attractive and functional ceiling fans to keep insects on the run and the cool breezes flowing.

You can still recapture that excitement you once had for your yard. In this day and age of staying close to home, let us help you rekindle your love affair with your outdoor spaces by creating the look and feel of your favorite bed and breakfast nook or resort style poolside spot. As for you and your significant other? Where things go from there is up to the two of you!